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Community Vibrancy Grant Application


Please note that the following attachment is required in order for this application to be considered complete:

  • Project proposal

More information on this attachment can be found further down the form.

Applicant Details

Project Summary or Event Summary

Information pertaining to attachments

Project Proposal

Include attachment(s) that provide the following Project information: 

If some questions are not applicable to the project, please explain.

1. One sentence description of project

2. Detailed description of the project

3. Describe how the project is aligned with the Community Vibrancy Grant objectives including deliverables and outcomes

  • Deliverables: i.e. handouts produced, kits distributed, presentations given, partnerships solidified for $XXX.XX of funding, supplies purchased and handed out, one-day community festival staged
  • Outcomes: what you seek to achieve, what change you hope to make


4. Describe how the project has the potential to impact a large number of residents in a positive, worthwhile and meaningful manner

5. Describe how the project allows for active or passive participation at little or no cost to local residents

6. Describe how this project provides opportunities that are inclusive and accessible to all

7. Describe how this project might promote volunteerism and build capacity in the community

8. Describe how this project provides opportunities for partnerships with community organizations and local business

9. Provide a brief plan for the project and information about your organization's ability to carry out and complete the project

10. Describe the criteria you will use to evaluate your project's results and how will you measure success

11. Describe how you intend to acknowledge the support of the City of Medicine Hat in the promotion of the approved project

12. Applicants may be asked to make a project presentation to the selection committee


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif