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Fair Entry Application

Fair Entry is a program that ensures that all Medicine Hat residents have reasonable access to a range of Public Services. The Fair Entry program is designed to assist low-income families/individuals to access programs and supports throughout the city for up to 12 months.


To qualify for the Fair Entry Program, you must be a resident of Medicine Hat, and demonstrate your need for assistance. This is done by providing proof of your address, and documents to assess your income level(s).

Income Guidelines

If your total household income falls below the low income cut off, you will be approved for access to the Fair Entry program subsidy/subsidies.

The Low Income Cut Off (LICO) scale is set by Statistics Canada and updated annually.

Current LICO Scale (2022)

Size of family Total income before tax (gross)
1 person $25,146
2 persons $31,304
3 persons $38,484
4 persons $46,726
5 persons $52,996
6 persons $59,771
7 or more persons $66,546


The following subsidy rates are currently offered under the program:

2023 fair entry relief credit

An additional $1,200 fair entry credit will be distributed through utility accounts held in the applicant's name in the amount of $50 for the months of Jan, Feb, Mar and July, and $200 for the months of Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec.

Credits will be automatically applied to utility accounts based on the date of the Fair Entry Application. Retroactive payments will be applied for missed eligible months.

Condo owners will receive relief through an annual cheque issued in December.

User pays: $0
Max yearly subsidy amount: $1,200 per household

Recreation user fee assistance

Save  75% on regular-priced City of Medicine Hat recreation programs and admissions at Big Marble Go Centre and City-operated outdoor pools.

User pays: 25%
Max yearly subsidy amount: $200 per individual in the same household

Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre education programs

Reduced rates for educational programs directly provided by staff of the Esplanade.

User pays: 25%
Max yearly subsidy amount: $200 per individual in the same household


Receive a reduction of up to 75% from the regular price of an age-appropriate monthly transit pass for up to 12 months. (User must purchase monthly.)

User pays: 25%
Max yearly subsidy amount: $630 per individual in the same household