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Lighting for a Cause



To be considered, all requests must be:

• received via on-line application of the ‘Lighting for a Cause’ request form

• completed by a management representative of the official organization making the request • received by the Community Development Department at least 30 days in advance of lighting date requested

II. ELIGIBLE CAUSES Lighting will be considered for:

• nondenominational events/causes

• nonpolitical events/causes

• registered charitable events/causes Lighting cannot be considered for:

• personal occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries)

• political events or observances

• religious figures, events, organizations or institutions

• commercial requests (ie product launches, corporate events, advertising) The City of Medicine Hat reserves the right to use discretion when determining if a cause is deemed eligible

III. FEES Subject to approval, an administration fee is required:

You will receive an invoice for the amount

    •$100 per day (minimum)

  • $250 per week (7 nights)


Colours Requested

There is the ability to have various colours with the following options:

  1. One colour for entire Tepee
  2. Upper pod and lower pod different colours
  3. Each pole in a separate colour (11 in total)

Please indicate your lighting choice(s):

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