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Application for Gas Service

There is a non-refundable engineering assessment fee of $500 to apply for commercial and multi-unit residential service. The fee goes toward the initial design to provide a quote for the applicant. Service planning will commence once the fee and the completed signed application is returned to the department. If the applicant chooses to proceed with the work after receiving the quote, a construcion deposit will be required. The assessment fee, construction deposit and associated preliminary design are incorporated into the final work and related charges.

Type of service
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Estimates and invoices will be sent to the Applicant named below unless other billing information is provided under the Invoice Information Section.

Will the invoice information be different than the applicant information?

By submitting this application/form you acknowledge and agree that any electronic signature provided by you herein is the same as a handwritten signature for the purposes of legality, validity, enforceability, and admissibility.

The Applicant acknowledges that the meter location agreed to with the Gas Distribution Department meets all codes and regulations and applicable bylaws (including Gas Utility Bylaw #2489). Any future relocation/removal of this service or the meter set will be charged to the Applicant. The Applicant is responsible for notifying their plumber or other contractors of the Gas Distribution Department’s construction plans.

Please note: If the work requested has not been completed within 12 months of the application date, the application is null and void