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Commercial Backflow Preventer Registered Tester Application

Backflow Preventer Tester Requirements

To become a registered tester (a “Tester”) of Backflow Preventers (“BFPs”) with the City of Medicine Hat (the “City”), you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid Cross-Connection Control (“CCC”) Specialist Certificate, issued by Western Canada Section of American Water Works Association (“AWWA”). The Certificate is valid for five (5) years. Successful re-certification is required not less frequently than once every five (5) years.
  • Maintain “Active Tester” status with AWWA.
  • Licensed to work on potable water systems (i.e., a journeyman plumber, a fire-system sprinkler fitter, etc.) in accordance with all applicable law and standards. Environmental Utilities (EU) may grant an exception, or denial, of this application following a detailed review of applicant experience and qualifications.
  • Your test kit(s) must be:
    • registered with EU;
    • verified and/or calibrated at least once each year, with all verification and/or calibration certificates submitted to EU through your SwiftComply account:
      • each certificate must include the test kit serial number
      • all equipment used in verification and/or calibration must comply with all applicable law and standards and be traceable to a national standard.
  • Maintain active general contractual liability insurance coverage during the registration period in the amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence with the City of Medicine Hat named as an additional insured.
  • Complete the attached Tester Registration Application form below and provide copies of all required documentation to EU in support thereof and as requested.
  • Submit updated/renewed documentation (i.e. business license, liability insurance, AWWA CCC specialist certificate, etc.) through your SwiftComply account as required to maintain an active, valid certification status.

Additional Information:

  • Registration with the City as a Tester is free of charge and remains valid if all certifications are valid.
  • Only BFP tests conducted by Testers that meet the above Registration requirements shall be accepted.
  • There will be an administrative charge of $3.00 CAD per BFP test submitted in SwiftComply. This charge will only be applicable to passing tests. Failed tests are not charged.
Do you confirm you have read and agree to the above Backflow Preventer Tester Requirements: