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Request For Information - Section 300 Form

This form is required when seeking property information pursuant to Section 300 of the Municipal Government Act. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact The City of Medicine Hat Assessment Department at 403-529-8114.

This form must be completed, signed and filed including payment with The City of Medicine Hat Assessment Department prior to releasing information to the Owner and/or Agent named in respect to the requested property information described in this form and is only applicable for the 2023 tax year.

A. Property Assessment Account for which Information is Requested

B. Information Requested

Please list all properties for which you are requesting comparable information, up to a maximum of five properties. There is a fee of $52.50 per comparable property requested.

C. Acknowledgement and Certification:

By signing below, I acknowledge and certify that:

  1.  I understand that I will only receive information from the assessment department after the  ‘Agent Representative Authorization Form’ and documentation for Authorized Signatory has been verified by the assessment department.
  2. I understand I am requesting a written request for information under MGA 300 for the property tax roll account numbers under Section B for the current tax year only.
  3. I understand that the timelines for providing this information will commence upon receipt of payment and fully completed forms.
  4. I understand that it is a misuse of the information if it is used to:
    1. obtain names, addresses or telephone numbers for solicitation purposes;
    2. harass an individual;
    3. for other uses or purposes specified by regulation.

Neither the City of Medicine Hat Assessment Department nor its staff will be held responsible for the results of such misuse of the information.

Upon receiving the required forms, the City of Medicine Hat must provide the information requested in compliance with the Regulations (see Alberta Regulation 203/2017, 34) within 15 days, unless the information is available on the City’s website.

Pursuant to s. 33 (c) of the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information collected on this form is for the purpose of an operating program or activity of the City of Medicine Hat. The City of Medicine Hat must collect personal information directly from the individual that the information is about unless another method of collection is authorized by the individual or by an enactment of Alberta or Canada. The personal information provided will be protected under Part 2 of the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for processing your application.

Questions regarding the collection and use of personal information can be directed to the FOIPP Head of Local Body at 403-529-8234.

By submitting this application/form you acknowledge and agree that any electronic signature provided by you herein is the same as a handwritten signature for the purposes of legality, validity, enforceability, and admissibility.