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Timber Collection Permit

(Valid only for the days specified in this permit)

This Timber Collection Permit grants the Permit Holder the temporary, revocable, authorization to collect a limited amount of timber in designated areas.  A map must accompany this permit.

Timber is to be collected from designated areas only.  The Timber Collection Permit Holder must be present and must have a copy of the permit on his or her person and must immediately make the permit available for inspection upon request of a City official.  Only timber that is located in a clearly identified area where the specific timber is marked may be collected.”

I acknowledge that The Parks and Recreation Department may require the applicant to provide further information or specific training/certification related to the application prior to or after the approval of the application.  It is the responsibility of the Timber Collection Permit Holder to ensure that any individual operating any equipment in connection with the Timber Collection Permit is trained, protected, capable and competent to safely do so.  It is the responsibility of the Timber Collection Permit Holder to abide by any vehicle access routes shown in the Designated Timber Removal site documentation.

A Timber Collection Permit Holder may be permitted to collect up to four (4) cords of timber.  A cord is approximately equal to:

  • 4’ x 4’ x 8’, or 2’ x 4’ x 16’ stack of wood, neatly stacked
  • approximately two (2) standard ½ ton pickup truck loads of wood (level, neatly stacked)
  • 128 cubic feet

Please note: when the permit expires, the applicant must wait five business days before applying for another permit”

“A minimum security deposit of $500.00 is required in case of any site degradation.  The deposit is refundable if the City determines that no incidence of degradation has occurred.  $50.00 of this deposit will not be refunded if the location of the timber is in a locked compound that requires gate access and the key is not returned at the expiry of the Timber Collection Permit.”

Random onsite checks will be conducted for permits and safety equipment.  If you do not have a permit or the required safety equipment, your collected wood may be seized, removed or appropriated and you will be asked to leave the property.  Non-compliance may result in the cancellation of the permit, restriction of further permit applications and penalties resulting from offences against the Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 4218.