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I'd like to sign a natural gas pricing contract


As of November 1, 2023, contract pricing is only available for natural gas. To see the current electricity price, please visit the default rate page.


The contract rate option is for the commodity/energy charge only. Other fees and charges will appear on your bill and are set by bylaw each year.

Terms and conditions


  • All customers pay the default rate unless they have selected a fixed or variable contract.
  • Your contract will be in effect for 12 consecutive billing periods from the effective date (first day of next billing cycle for fixed rates, or first day of the next calendar month for variable rates)
  • The contract terminates if you change your service location (i.e. move to a different property)
  • Upon expiry of a contract, your natural gas pricing will return to the default rate unless you enter a new contract.
  • Your request will be declined if there is an existing contract at that service location that ends more than 30 days from today.

Fixed Contract

  • You will pay the fixed rate that was in effect on the date you signed this agreement for the following 12 billings.
  • The fixed rate will not change during the term of your agreement.
  • Requests for fixed rate contracts will be invalid and declined if you have a current contract that ends after the end of the current quarter, as the rate is not yet announced for that quarter.

Variable Contract

  • Your variable rate will be calculated on the last day of the month using actual daily commodity prices from that month to form an average price and then adding the set premium (+ $1 per GJ for natural gas). This rate will then be applied to your consumption for the month.
  • The variable rate will change each month during the term of your agreement, but you are locked into the pricing methodology for 12 billings.
  • Billing for the Variable Contract will begin on the next full billing month.
  • Your billing period may be adjusted to be the calendar month. You may receive a bill for a partial month at your previous rate before the switchover.
  • Consumers who are paying via automatic withdrawal will have withdrawals on the first of the month, or the next business day. Please note this change if your current automatic withdrawal date is scheduled for a different date.
I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above

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I wish to sign a 12 month contract for my NATURAL GAS rates:

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have you compared these rates to the monthly Default Rate?

Once you submit your request, you are committed to a 12-month contract.

Each of the rate options change either monthly or quarterly. Please review the most up-to-date rate values to make an informed decision.